Angelina Jolie has aged well – No change in her looks

Contrary to popular belief that Angelina Jolie looks very old for her age, something that happened after she got together with Brad Pitt, we see that she looks exactly the same as she did pre-Brad Pitt, which is before the beginning of 2006.

Angelina has only gotten a lot paler (she used to be tan actually)… her skin is kind of oily these days since she’s getting some anti-aging treatments done like retin-a or chemical peels. However, she’s unwilling to use more powder to combat shine since that would give her skin a fake look to it. She usually ahsolutely amazing, natural looking skin that has a dewy/glowing look to it. She’s radiant!

Her weight and face are the exact same as they were before she met Brad and before she had children and before her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, died.

She’s still got her Lara Croft body and weight.


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Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston: Who looks older?

Jennifer Aniston fans love claiming that their beloved “Friends” star looks so young, looks great for her age, or doesn’t age.

Jennifer Aniston fans love claiming that Angelina Jolie looks old, older than her age, or looks terrible.

By the way, Jennifer is 6 years old than Angelina, so yes of course Jennifer is expected to look older. I’m not ragging on her for looking older than Angelina. The point is, however, despite Jennifer looking older than Angelina, her fans claim Jennifer looks 10 years younger which is hilarious.

Click on the image to go to the imgur site then zoom in by clicking again when your mouse becomes a little magnifying glass. You’ll see it’s not just the crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, but Jennifer has way worse pores than Angelina does.

Jennifer HD close up

Angelina HD close up


The two of them aren’t aging at a worse rate than some other leading ladies.

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Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Debunked

angie before and after 3

The transformation of Angelina Jolie – Plastic Surgery or Natural Aging?

Has Angelina Jolie had plastic or cosmetic surgery?

Many gossip sites claim Angelina Jolie has had a huge amount of plastic surgery. They speculate she’s had a lower lip reduction as well as is getting regular botox/fillers in both lips. Supposedly she’s had a chin implant and cheek implants too. Most ridiculous is the claim that she’s had eye surgery, somehow making her supposedly once round eyes into the cat, almond shaped form they are today.

The most realistic claim of plastic and cosmetic surgery, however, is the question of whether she’s had a nose job (rhinoplasty) or not. In some of her younger pictures, her nose does appear to have a wider bridge than it does today, where it looks very soft and refined.

Of course, it’s been 15-20 years since  those pictures and as we all know a face matures and changes. Different lighting, angles, and makeup (contouring makeup) can drastically change the way a person looks.

Compared to the above photo which utilizes different angles and lighting to make her nose appear either larger or smaller, here are three better comparisons:


jolie nose

Angie before and after 1

angie before and after 2

dat jolie nose




Here’s a nice compilation of around 85 photos of Angelina put into one large picture – about 40 pictures of her youth compared against ~40 pictures of her as an adult.

To zoom in on the above compilation image and to see the pictures in better definition, click on the above photo and then click on the new web page again once your pointer becomes a magnifying glass.



Hold on a second! I saw a picture of her nose side view/profile where it looks kind of upturned but now it’s super straight. There’s no way her nose can naturally straighten out like that, especially not at age 20! She must have had a nose job! She’s a plastic surgery fake and freak. I see all these posters and people on Female First or Bohomoth that agree with me!

side view
Wow you’re right. Her nose looks kind of short and upturned, but now the bridge is very straight. But you know, that picture looks kind of low quality and the lighting is bad. When pictures are low quality the pixels blend and you get a semi-distorted view, which is what happened to Jolie’s nose. That scene is taken from the 1998 movie Hell’s Kitchen. As you can see, in other scenes her nose looks very straight, exactly the same as it does in present time.



Here’s a clickable version to the YouTube link where you can verify the images: Hell’s Kitchen


And notice since it is from 1998, any picture of her nose being straight earlier to that year disproves all nose jobs and plastic surgery rumors. That is why the 1992 Cyborg 2 scene is included.

But what about here?!

or here:

or here:


UPDATE: So some people on Female First have a thread dedicated to proving why Jolie has plastic surgery, using different angles, expressions, lighting, makeup, and whatever to “prove” she’s a total plastic fake. Some people have taken some images from my site and posted it there as well as added their own. I’ll be extracting from the site and putting below some good ones on Jolie’s supposed plastic surgery, nose job, chin implant, cheek implants, etc. whatever.

Female First Thread Here


jolie pas



Of course, considering so many celebrities, singers, actresses, and models all get plastic surgery, it’s not unreasonable to wonder if Angelina Jolie had plastic surgery, but all these pictures show a woman whose face has shockingly not changed at all. She was beautiful when she was very young and very beautiful now as an adult.

However, to all the Angelina Jolie haters, you can continue to falsely believe she’s had a lot of plastic surgery since it’s the only thing that will make you feel better about your miserable lives.

By the way, as word of advice, you shouldn’t really trust whatever FemaleFirst or Bohomoth readers/comments say about Jolie. Jen Paul, owner of, is the same breed of hater that infests FemaleFirst. Here’s what she said back in May 21, 2012 about Jolie + Pitt:

“Kristen and Rob are hot on their heels and have a huge and much younger fan base that Brad and Angelina would kill for. Kristen especially has a massive following. Even her bodyguard has a fan page. There are easily 10 times as many Tumblrs and Pinterest pages for Kristen and Rob than for Brad and Angelina. And you know Angelina is well aware of it. She’ll say she doesn’t pay attention but trust me, she does.”

Paul says that from what she observes from the traffic on her site and the articles requested by editors she writes for in the U.K., the collective Jolie-Pitt star is “fading.”
Yes, Jen Paul, this is why in 2013 Brad Pitt had the biggest hit of his career, the 500 million plus WWZ, and in 2014, Angelina Jolie had the biggest hit of her career, the 700 million plus Maleficent. Since 2012, Brad Pitt won a producing Oscar for 12 Years a Slave and Angelina Jolie received her SECOND Oscar, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, as well as received the title of honorary Dame from Queen Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Kristen + Rob broke up a month after Jen Paul’s BS prediction about their careers, and Kristen and Rob have faded away from public memory in terms of awards, honors, and prestige, as well as box office prowess. Kristen’s biggest hit (outside Twilight), the fairy tale Snow White, which also had the power of Thor Chris Hemsworth and Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron, made just under 400 million. Maleficent, the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, made 700 million plus on Jolie’s star power alone.

Anyway, the point is, any time Jen Paul of or Female First says anything about Angelina Jolie, it’s best to just ignore her BS.



So nose job or no nose job? Plastic surgery or not?

Verdict: No plastic surgery, just a natural beauty.

Women in Hollywood: Analysis of the Female Movie Star

As I mentioned in my last post, Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent will soon (predicted to be, although I guess things could unfortunately go wrong and it could end up at around 680 million world wide – depends on how it’s Japanese box office does) become the highest grossing movie of all time sold on a single star’s name. That is, the billing order shows only one single name.

What’s amazing is that Jolie is not only the sole woman in the top 40 but she could possibly be sitting at the top ahead of all the men. In a span of about 30 years, Jolie is the only woman to break into the top 20/30. And arguably since the history of Hollywood, which is almost a century, she’s the only woman to break into the top 5. So in 100 years, women have gained the right to vote and other things, and yet no one other than a home wrecking, brother kissing, blood vial wearing, evil demon (as Chelsea Handler fondly calls her) could hang with the men?

Rather extraordinary.

Depressing too.

You know, the only reason Jolie has managed this INCREDIBLE (it cannot be underemphasized) feat is because she combines great acting skills (Oscar winner) with nonpareil beauty (dubbed Most Beautiful Woman in the World by Vanity Fair, Allure, etc.) and also with immensely dedicated humanitarian work.

That is to say, men can become huge movie stars simply by being good actors while women can only become huge movie stars with the help of other factors in addition to good acting.

Take a look at the list of  the only women to break 200 million worldwide at the box office on their names alone:

1. Angelina Jolie – Maleficent – To Be Determined

2. Glenn Close – 101 Dalmatians – 320.7

3. Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side – 309.2

4. Julia Roberts – My Best Friend’s Wedding – 299.3

5. Milla Jovovich – Resident Evil: Afterlife – 296.2

6. Angelina Jolie – Salt – 293.5

7. Julia Roberts –  Erin Brockovich – 256.3

8. Milla Jovovich – Resident Evil: Retribution – 240.2

9. Whoopi Goldberg – Sister Act – 231.6

10. Jodie Foster – Flightplan – 223.4

11. Nicole Kidman – The Others – 209.9

12. Julia Roberts – Eat Pray Love – 204.6

No other actresses have personal hits over 200 million worldwide


Jolie is the only woman in the top 5 when you include men and Glenn Close sits at 45 and Sandra Bullock barely, barely scrapes in at number 50 on the list.

Sandra, Glenn Close, & Jolie are also the only ones to break 300 million (although Julia Robert’s My Best Friend’s Wedding comes very close) world wide, and again, Sandra barely scrapes by in doing this. She’s struggling, big time.

Angelina Jolie is……is it wrong to call her lazy? Since giving birth to Shiloh Nouvel, she’s averaged (when you include directing and exclude voice work) about 1 movie a year. Prior to giving birth and subsequent to her Oscar win, she averaged about 1.6 movies a year. We must also note movies like A Mighty Heart and Beowulf had extremely short filming times and The Tourist, Changeling, and In the Land of Blood and Honey had shorter filming times than typical movies of an A-List caliber.

She works very little and soon she just might disappear from screen, although could stay behind the screen as a director for years to come.

Who can replace her?

Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence are the only ones with potential.

However, Sandra can barely hit any nice box office records and she is unable to hang with the men at all. She cannot compete with the men. She can only work with the men, like she did with George Clooney, to produce the monster hit that is Gravity, which was sold on both of their names equally.

Jennifer Lawrence likewise has never had a personal box office hit and with her uncouth, sometimes vulgar personality, she will never have good international appeal like Jolie has.

Not to mention stars from franchises rarely break out and become A-Listers in their own right, especially women (See Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst).

Sandra Bullock is almost 50. She’s also started doing less movies since winning an Oscar for the Blind Side and adopting a son.

The odds are heavily stacked against Bullock + Lawrence.

I do see Jennifer Lawrence becoming a permanent fixture on our screens in the next 20 years, attaining the level of fame, demand, appeal, and power as a Reese Witherspoon, but as we saw, Reese Witherspoon, despite once being named the highest paid actress in Hollywood, can’t even guarantee 200 million world wide on her name alone.

Who can replace Angelina Jolie?

No one.

Will there ever be someone who can?

Never say never, but I honestly feel it’s an emphatic NO!

Immense Beauty, acting talent, and an “interesting” personal life that includes incredible charitable spirit comes along once a millennium.

So for now, I suppose we should appreciate Jolie for the unique superstar that she is and recognize that we will most likely never see a woman (there will be men) actor like her ever again.

Kind of sad right?

Thank you Angelina Jolie for what you’ve done for women in Hollywood and given us hope that maybe one day, it could be possible for females to claw to the top 30 in Hollywood.

Top 20? Sorry, never happening.

Not unless Hollywood produces another Angelina Jolie.




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Maleficent: Highest Grossing Movie of All Time Sold on a Single Movie Star’s Name

disclaimer: All this will be true + valid when Maleficent hits 700 million worldwide, which it is predicted to do….it is basically a LOCK to hit 700 million as of 7/10/2014

Remember those reports back in the beginning of  April 2014 that claimed Maleficent would bomb?

In addition, a once well respected box office analyst, Doug Creutz, has easily destroyed his reputation this Summer 2014. He was known for being remarkably accurate in predicting box office bombs/hits and the general ballpark domestic figure. However, last year, he incorrectly predicted World War Z starring Brad Pitt would bomb and this year he also incorrectly predicted Maleficent would bomb, as well as made some awful predictions on other movies.



*unadjusted for inflation though

What do I mean by that? I mean it is the movie that will have the highest worldwide gross that was marketed and sold on a single movie star/actor. For that, you look at the movie posters and see whose name is on the poster. This is known as the “billing”.

Of course, this does not mean that everyone who goes to see a movie went to see it because of a movie star,  but it means the studio marketed it with the actor in front and believes the actor is a huge draw.

As Dave Hollis, head of distribution for Walt Disney Studios, said on Angelina Jolie, “It’s a unique  thing. Her star power transcends borders and genre.”

For example, Daniel Craig is the main actor of the James Bond movies and features prominently on all the marketing, but on the movie posters, you’ll notice his name is absent. Same thing with the Hunger Games. On the movie posters, we see shots of Jennifer Lawrence’s face, but her name is absent.

Likewise, for Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio’s name is large and across the top of the movie poster, but below his name in smaller font are the names of about 8 other actors. Or on other posters the marketing team tacked on “From the Director of the Dark Knight”.

Think Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts + Richard Gere. Everyone went to see Julia Roberts, but they went to see her character and not Julia Roberts – after all, this movie was Julia Robert’s break-out role.  And also the movie was marketed equally featuring Richard Gere + Roberts.

Similarly for Black Swan,  Natalie Portman won an Oscar and was front and center, but on the movie poster, you’ll see she shares billing with some other stars.

Or Gravity. Sandra Bullock was nominated for an Oscar and all media outlets kept referring to it as “Sandra Bullock’s Gravity” but really it was Bullock + George Clooney’s Gravity. Exit polling confirmed this as the Hollywood Reporter writes that (through CinemaScore) 42% of the audience showed up for Bullock and 40%  for Clooney. About equal.

Here’s the list of highest grossing movies sold on a single movie star’s name currently as of 7/11/2014:

Extracted from Box Office Mojo‘s List of the Highest Grossing Movies Worldwide of All Time.

1. Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol – 694.7

2. Tom Hanks – Forrest Gump – 677.4

3. Bruce Willis – The Sixth Sense – 672.8

4. Angelina Jolie – Maleficent – 634.1

5. Will Smith – Hancock – 624.4

6. Mel Gibson – The Passion of the Christ – 611.9

7. Tom Cruise – War of the Worlds – 591.7

8. Will Smith – I am Legend – 585.3

9. Ben Stiller – Night at the Museum – 574.5

10. Bruce Willis – Armageddon – 553.7

11. Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible 2 – 546.4

12. Brad Pitt – World War Z – 540.0

13. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Terminator 2: Judgment Day – 519.8

14. Tom Hanks – Angels & Demons – 485.9

15. Jim Carey – Bruce Almighty – 484.6

16. Johnny Depp – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – 475.0

17. Tom Cruise – Mission: Impossible – 457.7

18. Russell Crowe – Gladiator – 457.6

19. Nicholas Cage – National Treasure: Book of Secrets – 457.4

20. Tom Cruise – The Last Samurai – 456.8

21. Ben Affleck – Pearl Harbor – 449.2

22. Matt Damon – The Bourne Ultimatum – 442.8

23. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – 433.4

24. Tom Hanks – Cast Away – 429.6

25. Kevin Costner – Dances with Wolves – 424.2

26. Hugh Jackman – The Wolverine – 414.8

27. Mel Gibson – Signs – 408.2

28. Tom Cruise – Mission: Impossible 3 – 397.9

29. Kevin Costner – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – 390.5

30. Bruce Willis – Live Free or Die Hard – 383.5

31. Arnold Schwarzenegger – True Lies – 378.9

32. Liam Neeson – Taken 2- 376.1

33. Harrison Ford – The Fugitive – 368.9

34. Will Smith – Hitch – 368.1

35. Mark Wahlberg – Planet of the Apes (2001) – 362.2

36. Tom Cruise – Minority Report – 358.4

37. Jim Carey – The Mask – 351.6

38. Nicholas Cage – National Treasure – 347.5

39. Will Smith – I,Robot – 347.2

40. Jim Carey – How the Grinch Stole Christmas – 345.1

41. Paul Hogan – Crocodile Dundee – 328.2

42. Jim Carrey – 325.3

43. *Glenn Close (Second Woman after Jolie) – 101 Dalmatians – 320.7

44. Eddie Murphy  – Beverly Hills Cop – 316.4

45. Harrison Ford – Air Force One – 315.2

46. Russell Crowe – A Beautiful Mind – 313.5

47. Mel Gibson – Ransom – 309.5

48. Sandra Bullock (Third Woman) – The Blind Side – 309.2


For women the two highest grossing (way below Maleficent) are Glenn Close’s 101 Dalmatians and Sandra Bullock’s the Blind Side.

In an industry dominated by men, it is absolutely EXTRAORDINARY that a woman could hold this title……unfortunately I doubt this is the kind of thing the Hollywood reporter, deadline, variety, or thewrap would be interested in reporting and pointing out.

By the way, the movie posters I included are only for those live-action movies that grossed higher than 700 million…..for movies in a series (like POTC or Harry Potter or James Bond, I generally included only the last poster in the series since at that point the stars have become their most famous and would carry the most weight….this happened to Tom Hanks who was not featured on the Da Vinci Code movie poster but was tacked onto the Angels & Demons movie poster. However, to note, Ben Stiller’s name got dropped in the sequel to Night at the Museum, but regardless, the above metric/reasoning did indeed hold true for POTC, HP, and James Bond).

Please double check for me though and point out if I’m woefully wrong because I missed a movie somewhere….but even if I did, Angelina will definitely be in the top 3 highest grossing movies sold on a single star’s name and the only woman out of how many men?!

I’d also like to point out that movies generally have 3-4 different posters (For the big movies at least ) and for Maleficent’s 4 posters, they all feature Angelina’s name and ONLY Angelina’s name. For Hancock, like 1 poster out of 4 featured Charlize Theron’s name, however I’m still giving it to Will Smith. But for Maleficent, no confusion. Only Angelina Jolie.

See, for Inception, Leonardo Dicaprio’s name was huge and in the center of the movie poster, but there were 8 names in smaller font below his and this was the main movie poster. The other 2 variations, one featured only Leo’s name but also tacked on “From the director of the Dark Knight” and the other one had everyone’s name again.

Similarly, I tossed out Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Wolf of Wall Street since Martin Scorsese’s name was in the same sized font as DiCaprio’s name. For Jake Gyllenhaal’s Prince of Persia, I removed it because his name was super small and Disney wrote on the poster “From the Producer of Pirates of the Caribbean”.

But for Maleficent, only Angelina, nobody else’s name is ever mentioned.



Congratulations to being one of the most bankable Hollywood movie stars, actress actor, of ALL TIME. Her star power is shining brighter than ever and she has proven herself to be a solid gold box office draw. She can headline a movie like no other star and is the only woman, female actor/actress, able to not only hang with the men, but stand on top of them as well.

The continuous Queen of the A-List indeed.


Click on the image to go to the IMGUR site and click again when your mouse becomes a magnifying glass to zoom in.



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Angelina Jolie: How does she look without Photoshop?

When you think of all the celebrities who have had photoshop disasters or been photoshopped so much that they no longer resemble themselves, you have to appreciate Angelina Jolie who must have some sort of agreement with magazines not to photoshop her too much. She looks pretty much exactly the same on magazine covers as she does in real life.




26 Years of Angelina Jolie’s Biceps Muscle/Arm Size

Click on the image to go to the IMGUR site then click again when your pointer becomes a magnifying glass to zoom in.


So obviously different camera angles and different stretches/poses of one’s arms will cause the size of the arm to appear different. Thus I’ve created a 26 year span of Angelina  Jolie’s arms using roughly the same angles and same arm poses for all of them. The picture is taken from the front and looks into the inner part of the arms, with the arms bent….

Only the 1990 prom picture isn’t from the same angle because I couldn’t find any other useful pictures from 1990.

Anyway, notice how her arm size has stayed exactly the same since 1989? That’s 26 years of having the same arm size, including through her Lara Croft years (where I have previously mentioned she’s exactly the same weight as of 2014 as she was during her Lara Croft days). Her natural weight is skinny and lean. She has always been skinny. She has never been anorexic, ill, or unhealthy.

From age 14 to 39 she’s always had very skinny arms (and legs) compared to her midsection.

It’s shocking how nobody said anything bad about her weight until 2007, which is within the beginning years of when Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston’s lying ass and her crazed fans + publicist were on a mission to attack Angelina Jolie.

A lot of fans who love Angelina have a problem with her weight. They genuinely mean well and want her to gain 10 pounds for health reasons, but ultimately it’s misguided because they want her to gain weight for aesthetic reasons, since her health is perfect. In fact, gorging on whatever the 70% of overweight Americans eat will only cause her to get a fat stomach and bigger boobs and she will still have her skinny arms and legs.

Her natural body type is such that all the fat goes to her midsection. Here’s a nice picture showing her skinny legs but rounded stomach. The picture is from a farmer’s market in LA, taken 1/22/2012 – She wasn’t pregnant.


Also when she gains weight, like when she was pregnant with her twins and Shiloh, you can see that her arms remain super skinny.

france bikini too

france bikini

These two pictures were taken 5/12/2008, which is when she was 7 months pregnant.


flying france

This picture was taken 3/14/2006, when she was 7 months pregnant.



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Oscars Comparison: Lighting, angles, and tan/pale affect weight perception

Being tan will make a person seem more healthy while being pale is viewed as being unhealthy. Thus the fact that Angelina Jolie has chosen to become super pale in an attempt to protect her skin from premature aging has led people to conclude her paleness is a byproduct of being unhealthy due to being super skinny (anorexic). Actually, she’s super pale because as long as she’s getting a short amount of sunlight every day, limiting sun exposure is very healthy.

Remember the uproar over her weight at the 2012 Oscars (Academy Awards)? Well she really was at the exact same weight at the 2004 Oscars and yet nobody said anything.



You can see how important lighting is here…..can even be more important than makeup, angles, and photoshop.

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Angelina Jolie difficult with stupid, awful directors like Doug Liman and Robert Stromberg

Doug Liman, director of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the movie that brought Angie & Brad Pitt together slammed Angie for being difficult to work with. Here’s what he said:

“When I was shooting a scene on Mr & Mrs Smith and I had one idea of how the scene should play out. Angelina Jolie had a different idea. I said, OK, we could sit here and argue, but we’re wasting time, let’s just shoot it both ways. And she was like, ‘But, then you’ll just use your way, in the editing room.’ And I was like, well, I am the director. I might. But I’m going to use the way that’s actually best for the movie. I have no ego in this.’ ”

“That conversation would never happen with Tom. Tom would be just like, ‘You want it upside down? Right side up? I’ll give it to you every possible way for the editing room. I want you to have as many choices as possible so you can make the best movie possible that you can make.'”
This argument/fight was caught on tape and can be viewed on youtube, it starts at 1:10. Click here.
Basically what happened is that Angelina was supposed to blast Brad with a shotgun through a wall (so she couldn’t see if she had hit him or not). Doug wanted Brad to make a wounded, “I’m dying” sound and then for Angie to ask “You still alive baby” but Angelina RIGHTLY and LOGICALLY pointed out that if he was making dying sounds, she would know he was still alive so it would be pointless to ask “You still alive baby?”
My friend who worked as a production assistant on set said that Doug & Angelina never got along. He probably didn’t like a strong, independent woman who had her own ideas about how a movie should be shot and Angelina sometimes acted unnecessarily annoyed with Doug over small things, but overall remained very professional, but again, her being annoyed with him was a response to his behavior.
Angelina also had problems with Robert Stromberg, with the Hollywood Reporter reporting “There was reportedly tension between Jolie and first-time feature director Robert Stromberg”
A picture can say a lot…….

Why was Robert Stromberg the right director for this?

JOLIE:  Well, it was Disney’s choice.  I think they felt strongly about hiring somebody who was very into the creation of world, even though he hadn’t directed before.  The script was so strong that we felt that all of the pieces would come together.  Even though he hadn’t directed before, we felt the script would help direct itself because it was so strong.  And he did really have this focus on the creatures and what the world would look like and the feeling.  I haven’t seen the 3D, but I’m sure his history was instrumental in making that work.

Interesting how the interviewer asks her if he was the right choice as director and she side steps that question, implying not her choice at all but Disney had final say. She also kind of subtly insults his directing skills by claiming the script helped direct itself. She praises his non-directing experience. A really weird way to answer the interviewer’s question.
Stromberg is also given an opportunity to praise Jolie and really awkwardly goes “Her, huh? What, yeah….she’s okay” before realizing how bad his answer sounds and making up some obviously insincere praise.
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Angelina Jolie shuns political correctness BS on Hillary Clinton

I have to say I love that Angelina Jolie doesn’t give in to the typical uber liberal Hollywood BS that is about political correctness and being supposedly progressive and tolerant and fair and whatever other bullsh*t there is on the liberal spectrum. To disclose, I am an independent and obviously think conservatives who believe gays cause hurricanes or rape isn’t rape if the woman gets wet are idiots, but this is about Hollywood which is super liberal.


Anyway, when asked about gender equality and having a female president by Christiane Amanpour, here’s Angelina’s reply:

Amanpour asked Jolie what her perspective is on one of the last great bastions of gender equality in America; is the United States due a female president and is the woman for the job Hillary Clinton?

“Of course it would be wonderful to see her run… I think it should be the best person for the job regardless”, Jolie stated.

“I think it’s certainly time but that shouldn’t be the reason to vote for someone either”



Love it! She could have pulled an Eva Longoria who is basically an idiot who just parrots stupid liberal beliefs, in which case the correct answer would be along the lines of  “Yeah it’s terrible there’s no woman president, blah blah, this is an injustice worse than the Holocaust.”

Jolie also made the politically incorrect statements of being completely in favor of guns, stating in 2008 to the DailyMail:

“I bought original, real guns of the type we used in Tomb Raider for security. Brad and I are not against having a gun in the house, and we do have one. And yes, I’d be able to use it if I had to…If anybody comes into my home and tries to hurt my kids, I’ve no problem shooting them.”