A Timeline of Angelina Jolie’s Weight: Anorexic or Always Naturally Skinny?

Here’s a timeline of Angelina’s weight with pictures for comparison. I’ll add in 2007-2013 when I have time. However, as you can see already, her arms and legs were super skinny and long since she was 14 years old……

Even in her Lara Croft days she was very, very skinny despite putting on 15 pounds of muscle.

I honestly don’t get how people can defend obese people as having “natural curves” and that being their “natural body type/shape/weight” but be so ignorant and nasty towards naturally skinny people like Angelina Jolie.

Yes because obese people are super healthy and that’s their natural shape whereas Angelina Jolie who has a healthy Japanese body type that is naturally skinny/thin must be anorexic. Funny how the Japanese outlive Americans by a long shot right?

Notice in the timeline that her arms and legs sizes have been the same even during her Lara Croft, Tomb Raider days, when everyone thought she had a great body. To note, the anorexia attacks and the whole “she’s too skinny/thin” started only in 2007 and onwards since that’s when she lost some weight (5-7 pounds max) due to her mother dying.

Timeline Part 1:   


Timeline Part 2:   



Click on the image to go to the imgur site and then click on it again when your mouse becomes a little magnifying glass to zoom in and see it better.

NOTE: Unfortunately it turns out I can’t put a timeline in one picture since it’s WAY too large. When I finish the timeline, expect it to be in 3, maybe 4 parts.

By hollywoodahole

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