Blow your mind: Anorexic Angelina Jolie has the same size arms as Curvy Sofia Vergara

One actress who I’m sure there have not been any anorexic or “she’s so skinny” comments about is the lovely, curvy, bodacious Sofia Vergara. Still, despite some amazing, large boobs, an hourglass waist, and some pretty nice legs, Sofia has very thin, skinny arms.

In fact, Sofia Vergara’s arms are the same size, meaning same thickness or thinness, however, you want to see it, as Angelina Jolie’s arms.

Now when you look at pictures of Sofia Vergara, you’ll notice just how skinny her arms are….same as the “anorexic” Angelina Jolie.

I mean arm size is such a great predictor of health right?

Sofia Vergara same arm size

Click on the image to see it larger or alternatively click HERE


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