Angelina Jolie is the same weight as Lara Croft

Wait, what?! That can’t be.

You’re probably one of those people who think Angelina was so curvy and strong and healthy looking as Lara Croft, compared to the super skinny, emaciated, malnourished, and anorexic person she is today.

Actually, no, she’s the exact same weight as in her Lara Croft days. Kind of shocking right?

What you have experienced is similar to the phenomenon of Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. Basically you never noticed how her natural body type has very long skinny arms and legs. However, after Angelina Jolie’s haters and detractors launched a campaign to attack her starting roughly around 2005/2006, when Brad Pitt divorced from Jennifer Aniston, you started noticing her skinny arms and thinking “wow, she turned anorexic and super skinny” when in reality she’s always been the same weight but you just never noticed. There’s also a case of confirmation bias where so many people claim “she’s anorexic, she’s so skinny” that it confirms your own thoughts about her being skinny……a kind of group/hive mind mentality. You became convinced she’s too skinny because so many people were claiming that and because so many people are claiming it, you think you’re absolutely right. It kind of snowballs and grows and grows so that the public perception of her weight is completely wrong.

Does it make sense that her breast cancer surgeon Dr. Funk would operate on her if she were anorexic? That’d be pretty dangerous. In addition, during all the times Jolie met Dr. Funk, you’d think the Dr. would have said “Angelina, you’re anorexic and need to gain weight to be able to live long enough to see your children as adults”.
Again, click on the image below to see it larger and then when your mouse pointer becomes a little magnifying glass, click again to zoom in.

By hollywoodahole

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