26 Years of Angelina Jolie’s Biceps Muscle/Arm Size

Click on the image to go to the IMGUR site then click again when your pointer becomes a magnifying glass to zoom in.


So obviously different camera angles and different stretches/poses of one’s arms will cause the size of the arm to appear different. Thus I’ve created a 26 year span of Angelina  Jolie’s arms using roughly the same angles and same arm poses for all of them. The picture is taken from the front and looks into the inner part of the arms, with the arms bent….

Only the 1990 prom picture isn’t from the same angle because I couldn’t find any other useful pictures from 1990.

Anyway, notice how her arm size has stayed exactly the same since 1989? That’s 26 years of having the same arm size, including through her Lara Croft years (where I have previously mentioned she’s exactly the same weight as of 2014 as she was during her Lara Croft days). Her natural weight is skinny and lean. She has always been skinny. She has never been anorexic, ill, or unhealthy.

From age 14 to 39 she’s always had very skinny arms (and legs) compared to her midsection.

It’s shocking how nobody said anything bad about her weight until 2007, which is within the beginning years of when Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston’s lying ass and her crazed fans + publicist were on a mission to attack Angelina Jolie.

A lot of fans who love Angelina have a problem with her weight. They genuinely mean well and want her to gain 10 pounds for health reasons, but ultimately it’s misguided because they want her to gain weight for aesthetic reasons, since her health is perfect. In fact, gorging on whatever the 70% of overweight Americans eat will only cause her to get a fat stomach and bigger boobs and she will still have her skinny arms and legs.

Her natural body type is such that all the fat goes to her midsection. Here’s a nice picture showing her skinny legs but rounded stomach. The picture is from a farmer’s market in LA, taken 1/22/2012 – She wasn’t pregnant.


Also when she gains weight, like when she was pregnant with her twins and Shiloh, you can see that her arms remain super skinny.

france bikini too

france bikini

These two pictures were taken 5/12/2008, which is when she was 7 months pregnant.


flying france

This picture was taken 3/14/2006, when she was 7 months pregnant.



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