Women in Hollywood: Analysis of the Female Movie Star

As I mentioned in my last post, Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent will soon (predicted to be, although I guess things could unfortunately go wrong and it could end up at around 680 million world wide – depends on how it’s Japanese box office does) become the highest grossing movie of all time sold on a single star’s name. That is, the billing order shows only one single name.

What’s amazing is that Jolie is not only the sole woman in the top 40 but she could possibly be sitting at the top ahead of all the men. In a span of about 30 years, Jolie is the only woman to break into the top 20/30. And arguably since the history of Hollywood, which is almost a century, she’s the only woman to break into the top 5. So in 100 years, women have gained the right to vote and other things, and yet no one other than a home wrecking, brother kissing, blood vial wearing, evil demon (as Chelsea Handler fondly calls her) could hang with the men?

Rather extraordinary.

Depressing too.

You know, the only reason Jolie has managed this INCREDIBLE (it cannot be underemphasized) feat is because she combines great acting skills (Oscar winner) with nonpareil beauty (dubbed Most Beautiful Woman in the World by Vanity Fair, Allure, etc.) and also with immensely dedicated humanitarian work.

That is to say, men can become huge movie stars simply by being good actors while women can only become huge movie stars with the help of other factors in addition to good acting.

Take a look at the list of  the only women to break 200 million worldwide at the box office on their names alone:

1. Angelina Jolie – Maleficent – To Be Determined

2. Glenn Close – 101 Dalmatians – 320.7

3. Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side – 309.2

4. Julia Roberts – My Best Friend’s Wedding – 299.3

5. Milla Jovovich – Resident Evil: Afterlife – 296.2

6. Angelina Jolie – Salt – 293.5

7. Julia Roberts –  Erin Brockovich – 256.3

8. Milla Jovovich – Resident Evil: Retribution – 240.2

9. Whoopi Goldberg – Sister Act – 231.6

10. Jodie Foster – Flightplan – 223.4

11. Nicole Kidman – The Others – 209.9

12. Julia Roberts – Eat Pray Love – 204.6

No other actresses have personal hits over 200 million worldwide


Jolie is the only woman in the top 5 when you include men and Glenn Close sits at 45 and Sandra Bullock barely, barely scrapes in at number 50 on the list.

Sandra, Glenn Close, & Jolie are also the only ones to break 300 million (although Julia Robert’s My Best Friend’s Wedding comes very close) world wide, and again, Sandra barely scrapes by in doing this. She’s struggling, big time.

Angelina Jolie is……is it wrong to call her lazy? Since giving birth to Shiloh Nouvel, she’s averaged (when you include directing and exclude voice work) about 1 movie a year. Prior to giving birth and subsequent to her Oscar win, she averaged about 1.6 movies a year. We must also note movies like A Mighty Heart and Beowulf had extremely short filming times and The Tourist, Changeling, and In the Land of Blood and Honey had shorter filming times than typical movies of an A-List caliber.

She works very little and soon she just might disappear from screen, although could stay behind the screen as a director for years to come.

Who can replace her?

Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence are the only ones with potential.

However, Sandra can barely hit any nice box office records and she is unable to hang with the men at all. She cannot compete with the men. She can only work with the men, like she did with George Clooney, to produce the monster hit that is Gravity, which was sold on both of their names equally.

Jennifer Lawrence likewise has never had a personal box office hit and with her uncouth, sometimes vulgar personality, she will never have good international appeal like Jolie has.

Not to mention stars from franchises rarely break out and become A-Listers in their own right, especially women (See Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst).

Sandra Bullock is almost 50. She’s also started doing less movies since winning an Oscar for the Blind Side and adopting a son.

The odds are heavily stacked against Bullock + Lawrence.

I do see Jennifer Lawrence becoming a permanent fixture on our screens in the next 20 years, attaining the level of fame, demand, appeal, and power as a Reese Witherspoon, but as we saw, Reese Witherspoon, despite once being named the highest paid actress in Hollywood, can’t even guarantee 200 million world wide on her name alone.

Who can replace Angelina Jolie?

No one.

Will there ever be someone who can?

Never say never, but I honestly feel it’s an emphatic NO!

Immense Beauty, acting talent, and an “interesting” personal life that includes incredible charitable spirit comes along once a millennium.

So for now, I suppose we should appreciate Jolie for the unique superstar that she is and recognize that we will most likely never see a woman (there will be men) actor like her ever again.

Kind of sad right?

Thank you Angelina Jolie for what you’ve done for women in Hollywood and given us hope that maybe one day, it could be possible for females to claw to the top 30 in Hollywood.

Top 20? Sorry, never happening.

Not unless Hollywood produces another Angelina Jolie.




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