Angelina Jolie has aged well – No change in her looks

Contrary to popular belief that Angelina Jolie looks very old for her age, something that happened after she got together with Brad Pitt, we see that she looks exactly the same as she did pre-Brad Pitt, which is before the beginning of 2006.

Angelina has only gotten a lot paler (she used to be tan actually)… her skin is kind of oily these days since she’s getting some anti-aging treatments done like retin-a or chemical peels. However, she’s unwilling to use more powder to combat shine since that would give her skin a fake look to it. She usually ahsolutely amazing, natural looking skin that has a dewy/glowing look to it. She’s radiant!

Her weight and face are the exact same as they were before she met Brad and before she had children and before her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, died.

She’s still got her Lara Croft body and weight.


By hollywoodahole

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