Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Debunked

angie before and after 3

The transformation of Angelina Jolie – Plastic Surgery or Natural Aging?

Has Angelina Jolie had plastic or cosmetic surgery?

Many gossip sites claim Angelina Jolie has had a huge amount of plastic surgery. They speculate she’s had a lower lip reduction as well as is getting regular botox/fillers in both lips. Supposedly she’s had a chin implant and cheek implants too. Most ridiculous is the claim that she’s had eye surgery, somehow making her supposedly once round eyes into the cat, almond shaped form they are today.

The most realistic claim of plastic and cosmetic surgery, however, is the question of whether she’s had a nose job (rhinoplasty) or not. In some of her younger pictures, her nose does appear to have a wider bridge than it does today, where it looks very soft and refined.

Of course, it’s been 15-20 years since  those pictures and as we all know a face matures and changes. Different lighting, angles, and makeup (contouring makeup) can drastically change the way a person looks.

Compared to the above photo which utilizes different angles and lighting to make her nose appear either larger or smaller, here are three better comparisons:


jolie nose

Angie before and after 1

angie before and after 2

dat jolie nose




Here’s a nice compilation of around 85 photos of Angelina put into one large picture – about 40 pictures of her youth compared against ~40 pictures of her as an adult.

To zoom in on the above compilation image and to see the pictures in better definition, click on the above photo and then click on the new web page again once your pointer becomes a magnifying glass.



Hold on a second! I saw a picture of her nose side view/profile where it looks kind of upturned but now it’s super straight. There’s no way her nose can naturally straighten out like that, especially not at age 20! She must have had a nose job! She’s a plastic surgery fake and freak. I see all these posters and people on Female First or Bohomoth that agree with me!

side view
Wow you’re right. Her nose looks kind of short and upturned, but now the bridge is very straight. But you know, that picture looks kind of low quality and the lighting is bad. When pictures are low quality the pixels blend and you get a semi-distorted view, which is what happened to Jolie’s nose. That scene is taken from the 1998 movie Hell’s Kitchen. As you can see, in other scenes her nose looks very straight, exactly the same as it does in present time.



Here’s a clickable version to the YouTube link where you can verify the images: Hell’s Kitchen


And notice since it is from 1998, any picture of her nose being straight earlier to that year disproves all nose jobs and plastic surgery rumors. That is why the 1992 Cyborg 2 scene is included.

But what about here?!

or here:

or here:


UPDATE: So some people on Female First have a thread dedicated to proving why Jolie has plastic surgery, using different angles, expressions, lighting, makeup, and whatever to “prove” she’s a total plastic fake. Some people have taken some images from my site and posted it there as well as added their own. I’ll be extracting from the site and putting below some good ones on Jolie’s supposed plastic surgery, nose job, chin implant, cheek implants, etc. whatever.

Female First Thread Here


jolie pas



Of course, considering so many celebrities, singers, actresses, and models all get plastic surgery, it’s not unreasonable to wonder if Angelina Jolie had plastic surgery, but all these pictures show a woman whose face has shockingly not changed at all. She was beautiful when she was very young and very beautiful now as an adult.

However, to all the Angelina Jolie haters, you can continue to falsely believe she’s had a lot of plastic surgery since it’s the only thing that will make you feel better about your miserable lives.

By the way, as word of advice, you shouldn’t really trust whatever FemaleFirst or Bohomoth readers/comments say about Jolie. Jen Paul, owner of, is the same breed of hater that infests FemaleFirst. Here’s what she said back in May 21, 2012 about Jolie + Pitt:

“Kristen and Rob are hot on their heels and have a huge and much younger fan base that Brad and Angelina would kill for. Kristen especially has a massive following. Even her bodyguard has a fan page. There are easily 10 times as many Tumblrs and Pinterest pages for Kristen and Rob than for Brad and Angelina. And you know Angelina is well aware of it. She’ll say she doesn’t pay attention but trust me, she does.”

Paul says that from what she observes from the traffic on her site and the articles requested by editors she writes for in the U.K., the collective Jolie-Pitt star is “fading.”
Yes, Jen Paul, this is why in 2013 Brad Pitt had the biggest hit of his career, the 500 million plus WWZ, and in 2014, Angelina Jolie had the biggest hit of her career, the 700 million plus Maleficent. Since 2012, Brad Pitt won a producing Oscar for 12 Years a Slave and Angelina Jolie received her SECOND Oscar, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, as well as received the title of honorary Dame from Queen Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Kristen + Rob broke up a month after Jen Paul’s BS prediction about their careers, and Kristen and Rob have faded away from public memory in terms of awards, honors, and prestige, as well as box office prowess. Kristen’s biggest hit (outside Twilight), the fairy tale Snow White, which also had the power of Thor Chris Hemsworth and Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron, made just under 400 million. Maleficent, the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, made 700 million plus on Jolie’s star power alone.

Anyway, the point is, any time Jen Paul of or Female First says anything about Angelina Jolie, it’s best to just ignore her BS.



So nose job or no nose job? Plastic surgery or not?

Verdict: No plastic surgery, just a natural beauty.